Major Ports in India: List of Sea Ports in India

Major Ports in India: India is a developing country and every year many new things are being constructed and many are taking shutdowns. Still, there are many things in India that are very old designed constructed but then too performing well. I am talking about some of the oldest Major Ports in India. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the Name of Major Sea Ports in India. There are many commercial and non-commercial Sea Ports in India. We will see here the names as well as some details about those Indian Sea Ports and its role of handling vessels etc.


List of Major Ports in India:-

There is a huge number of Sea Ports that operates the commercial vessels as well as non-commercial vessels etc. Most of the ports are not listed by the government. Most of them are own privately under the Indian Maritime rules and regulation. Here I will share with you the names of the Major Sea Ports in India that are listed and operated by the government and plays an important role as import and export. Here are the Major Ports in India.

Important Commercial Sea Ports of India:

  1. Kandla Seaport, Gujarat
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru Seaport, Maharashtra
  3. Mumbai Post, Mumbai
  4. Vishakhapatnam Seaport, Andhra Pradesh
  5. Chennai Port, Chennai
  6. Mormugau Port, Goa
  7. Port Blair Port, Andaman & Nicobar
  8. Kolkata Port, Kolkata, West Bengal.
  9. Paradip Port, Orissa
  10. Tuticorin port, Tamil Nadu
  11. Coachin port, Kerala
  12. Ennore Port, chennai
  13.  Panambur Port, Mangalore, Karnataka.

Now let’s see some details about these Major Sea Ports in India, what is it’s the speciality and know about the capability of handling vessels and quality of management etc.

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Kandla Seaport, Gujrat:

It is the largest port in India which handles the maximum cargo carriers every day. this port was constructed in 1965 after the India-Pakistan Partition at the loss of the port of Karachi. Today this port is one of the highest profit earning seaports in India. The Major Import and exports which are handle at the Kandla port are Petroleum, steel and iron machinery, chemical and also salt, textile, and grains, etc.

Jawahar Lal Nehru port:

This port is in Maharashtra, earlier the name of this port was Nhava Sheva port. This port is of the largest container port in India, It was constructed in the year 1989 and this is completely controlled by the Government of India. In the year 2014, this seaport has also received the Port of the year award at the MALA Awards.

Mumbai Port:

This port is the largest port in India, Its natural harbour is 10-12 meter deep. these ports handle around 1/5 of India’s foreign trade. This port is known as one of the busiest port in India. Mumbai Port is called the Front bay, It means the gateway of India.

Vishakhapatnam Port:

This port is in the Andhra Pradesh and this port was constructed by the British Government in the year  1933. this port handles around 1.2 lakhs tonnes of cargo every year. This port deals with the trade of iron ore, Pellets, Coal, Alumina and oil.

Chennai Port:

This port is known as the second largest port in India. It was constructed in the Year 1881. Its is also the third-largest port in India. This port is surrounded by both historic and modern lighthouses giving its a beautiful look.

Mormugau Port:

This port is in Goa and the goa is a beautiful place and tourist attraction in India, It was constructed by the Indian Government after the India- Pakistan Partition.  it was also awarded as the status of Major Port in 1963.

Port Blair Port:

This port is in Andaman & Nicobar and this is the youngest port in India. Its plays a great role in handing the cargo vessels.

Kolkata Port:

This is one of the oldest ports in India and it was constructed by the East India Company, it is situated in 128 km from the Bay of Bengal. It is the only port in India which has two dock system and called as Kolkata docks and Haldia docks.

Paradip Port:

It is situated in Orissa. This port is one of the deepwater seaports in India, that is situated on the coast of Orissa, the depth of the ports allows it to handle heavy and bulk containers.

Tuticorin port:

This is a very recently launched ports in Indian which is in Orissa, it has an artificial harbour, It is also the second-largest ports in Tamil Nadu.  it is the best pearl fishery in the Bay of Bengal and is also known as the pearl city.

Cochin Port:

It is in Kerala. This is one of the major port in the Arabian sea, the coaching port is one of the largest seaports in India and also the fastest-growing one.

Ennore Port:

This is the only ports which are privately owned ports. It mainly deals with the transport of coals and that was its initial cause if developing being the Tamil Nadu electricity Board needed coal for its operations.

Panambur Port:

This port is in the city of Mangalore, Panambur ports or New Mangalore. It was inaugurated by the former prime minister of India Indira Gandhi in the year 1974.

These are the Major Ports in India: List of Sea Ports in India and these all the ports are registered by the Government and run under the rule of Indian Maritime. There are many small seaports in India that play a great role in handing the extra vessels in busy but those seaports are not listed or registered by the government.

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